Llanwern Hill circular walk

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Llanwern Hill circular walk

Bishton is a small rural village in Newport, South Wales and includes the Llanwern Hill circular walk.

The new 5 metre timber bridge at Bishton is over an ancient drainage ditch known as a 'Reen' synonymous with the Gwent Levels which is essentially the corridor of flat-ish wetland adjacent to the Severn Estuary that spans three counties. It is steeped in history and much of it has been designated as a SSSI.

Part of the Llanwern Hill circular walk, this Bison Bridge has been installed as part of a project to promote and protect this area of land.

Mon, 06 Apr 2020
Bishton Foot Bridge
D Bedford
Charnwood Pedestrian Gate

Charnwood Pedestrian Gate

Our Charnwood metal pedestrian gate is a one-way, self-closing gate developed for pedestrian access on public footpaths. STOCK ITEM.

Compliant with BS 5709:2018

  • Gate Height:1.1m
  • Gate leaf width: 1.13m
  • Gate overall Width: 1.35m
Timber Bison Bridge kit

Timber Bison Bridge kit

Bison Timber bridges have 3 steel structural beams with redwood deck boards, parapets and hand rails.