Recycled Plastic Boardwalks

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Simple. Tough. Durable.

Timber Bridges

Supplied in kit form, simply bolt together for rapid installation.

Recycled Plastic

The attractive, durable, sustainable and no maintenance option.

Recycled Plastic Boardwalks

The long-life maintenance free solution.

Team work, installing a boardwalk base structure

Recycled Plastic is perfect for creating boardwalk structures and provides many years of use without the need to consider for rotting posts in these high water level regions.

On top of the Recycled Plastic sub structure, European Redwood timber deck boards offer a natural finish for boardwalks and are available with anti-slip infill strips to provide an assured grip in all seasons.

Deck boards are also available in Recycled Plastic, providing a highly durable and naturally non slip surface.

Boardwalk with timber decking and recycled plastic base to prevent rotting posts
Recycled plastic deck boards with anti-slip surface
Anti-slip timber decking boards