Recycled Plastic Bridges

Recycled plastic, combined with steel structural beams provide a highly durable, hassle free bridge solution

Bison Graphic

Simple. Tough. Durable.

Timber Bridges

Supplied in kit form, simply bolt together for rapid installation.

Recycled Plastic

The attractive, durable, sustainable and no maintenance option.

Recycled Plastic Boardwalks

The long-life maintenance free solution.

Waste plastic bottles

Waste plastic is a problem for society, with an estimated 8 million tons finding its way into oceans every year. The issues surrounding plastic waste are well known but little impact is currently being made to effectively resolve this dilemma.

We can make a difference...

Bison Bridges can be specified with Recycled Plastic deck boards, parapets and hand rails. This brings a double benefit of making use of an otherwise waste product and provision of a highly durable, maintenance free product that's surface is naturally slip resistant.

Recycled plastic deck boards with anti-slip surface
Bison bridge in use!

Bison Bridges have a crowd loading of 5.0kN per square meter.

Bison Bridges are designed in strict accordance with the design manual for roads and bridges (DMRB) which is in general accordance with BS5400 part 2.

Regular bridge widths:

  • 800mm
  • 1200mm

(Other widths available to order)