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Free delivery on Bridges

Free Bridge delivery APRIL 2022

Great news; there's no delivery charge on Bison Bridges ordered during April 2022!

If you have plans for replacing a bridge(s) in the near future, now's a good time to speak with the Bison team.

Local bridge inspector

Local bridge inspector

Interesting to see a local bridge inspector paying close attention to recycled plastic decking boards (having also just carried out a 'moisture test')

Exceptional strength-to-weight ratio

Exceptional strength-to-weight ratio

Douglas fir, known to be the most robust among softwood varieties, is globally acclaimed for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

The Douglas fir is an evergreen conifer species in the pine family, Pinaceae. Native to western North America, it's also known as Douglas spruce, Oregon pine, and Columbian pine.

Douglas Fir is ideally suited to decking, rails and posts on Bison Bridge kits where a timber bridge is required. Combined with a galvanised steel structure, Douglas Fir provides an aesthetically pleasing, robust bridge solution.

Why 'Douglas'?

David Douglas, namesake of Douglas Fir was born in Scotland in 1799. More info here:

Recycled plastic bridge components

Solid to the core

Components selected for Bison Bridge kits have to perform in all weathers and for all intended loads.

Our recycled plastic posts, rails and deck boards are all produced as solid profile rather than the hollow options available. Hollow plastics are cheaper to purchase but are not suitable for the demands of a long life bridge or board walk.

What's happening to STEEL?

What's happening to STEEL?

2022 looks to be a challenging year in many markets, including STEEL.

The full implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are only starting to unfold. With both countries having a significant contribution to the world steel supply in peace times, the immediate pause on supply is causing issues, resulting in price increases and limited supply.

Here at Bison Bridges we're looking to stock up to ensure availability but as always we recommend customers engaging with us early in their project planning to allow as much time as possible in order to avoid unnecessary delays.